Faux Funnel Soap was Fun!

Lavender Lime Faux Funnel Pour Soap

This week's soap challenge was a fun one for me! Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks has been hosting a series of soap making challenges and although I've done all of them but one I think I've liked this one the best. Called the Faux Funnel Pour soap, it simply means pouring a series of colors in the same order into the soap mold till all the soap is gone. Some people use very vibrant colors, others subdued but they always have a free-form like appearance when the soap is finished. I chose 3 colors plus the base - yellow oxide, ultramarine pink and lavender fields (another ultramarine). I usually use clays and herbs to color my soaps so this is a change for me. To go along with the colors, I thought I would try a combination of Lavender and Key Lime Essential Oils.

Ultramarine pink, Lavender Fields, Yellow Oxide.

Colors in the cups mixed with soap. 
I think I could have added a little more.

At Amy's suggestion I made sure to use lots of liquid with no discount and a known soap recipe. Even following those tips, my colors set up very quickly once I stick blended them. So, pouring was okay in the beginning but quickly became more of stir, stir, stir and spoon, spoon, spoon then a nice fluid pour.

Soap was getting thick already and I was only halfway through.

I poured a little differently then Amy's tutorial. I only poured in one spot, but the spot moved itself from one end to the other as I was pouring, so I always followed the top circle. To make sure I didn't have too many air bubbles I smacked down the mold several times while I was pouring.

Finished off the top of the soap with the yellow which looks orange, 
and added some nice waves.

Finished soap out of the mold - 
seemed to be more orange than yellow but I like it!

Finished soap cut. I think it turned out really nice!

You can see the variations from one end of the soap mold to the other. It almost looks like two different kinds of soap. My ultramarine pink turned more like purple in the middle of the soap, so I got an extra color in the mix for free. I'm looking forward to next week's soap challenge - thanks so much Amy!

These soaps will be available for sale starting June 8. I've been accepted to be vendor this year at the fabulous Colorado Farm and Art Market and I'm so excited to be a part of that group! If you're local to the Pikes Peak area please stop by and say hi. I'll be there every other Saturday starting June 16th.


Anonymous said…
I love that layering you got!
DandiCreations said…
What a different combination of colors. I love them together. Very beautiful!
Amy Warden said…
Neat! It's almost like you got yellow all the way around the soap too! Glad you had so much fun!! :)
Natalia said…
Your soap is really nice.
I like the way the yellow seems to be framing everything. Nice!
Anne-Marie said…
Gorgeous! I love the colors you used, it gives them a very light and summery look. :) P.S. Congrats on the market!
Erica P. said…
Gorgeous! Love the summer color combo and the yellow frame.
Bonstergirl said…
Beautiful! Never would have thought to put the yellow with the lavender, but they're gorgeous together.
Suzy Whitten said…
This is really a beautiful soap, Kathy ! I love your color combinations, something I always take note of as I'm really fairly color challenged. The yellow just pops!
Traci R said…
Hi Kathy - I just got my package and everything is just beautiful. Thanks so much for swapping with me. I posted something on my facebook page but I couldn't figure out how to post on your page. Sorry!

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